Tantra K¹³ Evolution:  CHANGE GOD

Added the 01-05-2018 By GM Igneel

Tantra K¹³ Evolution:  CHANGE GOD

Item name: NATI    -  Tantra-VishnuTantra-Brahma Tantra-Shiva STATUS - DISABLED g43

Players who wish to change god must open ticket :tribe-tantra:  How to Open a TICKET?

Required item: Nati B/V/S Tantra-Brahma Tantra-VishnuTantra-Shiva

(example: if you will transfer to Brahma, required item is NATI B)

You will be allowed to Change god via ticket system ONCE A MONTH. :g227: :g227:

•• To deviate players from unreasonable God hopping :g168::g178:
•• To promote Loyalty to 1 God.  :humm:

Good game 

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