Forum Tantra K¹³ ? Mechanic  Rename CHAR. & SWAP MP

Added the 29-05-2017 By GM Igneel

Forum Tantra K¹³ ? Mechanic  Rename CHAR. & SWAP MP
[Same when moving from one character to another account.] (Warning, I request a validation by e-mail)

For rename / moving character in game, you need special item from ITEM MALL EXILE MAP & open ticket. 
Same mechanic & item for Transfer Title

Name: Ticket Rename Char K13 

 Following change player names (Part 1) 

 Rules: Obligation to post all change names. no derogation 


The price would be: 6 Pcs items Rename Char      

! Nota Bene: Are required, no other items will be accepted, no exception !
! Swap MP others TRIBE is exceptional manipulation and must remain rare ... !

=> All SWAP tribes (with names) will be recorded in this topic <=

OPEN TICKET ... BUT .... (Can be Denied) Not allowed for Bad players, Scammer, Cheater, Hackers 

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