Tantra K¹³ - Rules & CE users, BUGS ABUSE Chakra, Nabad, MP Leech ...

Added the 11-01-2017 By GM Igneel

 Sanction for CE users / BUGS ABUSE (ALL BUGS) Nabad, MP LEEECH,  Bridge, FLOOD KRUMA, MANDARA Etc... Tantra K¹³  
  SORA sora engine 2.3 If see in logs = All accounts of this player (Cheater) will Banished Permanent
 MECHANIC: Decisions will vary depending on the case and sanctions can be personalized. 
 I Decides: 
 Starting today: SANCTIONS beings can personalized (And remove MP..... )

- Evidence is clear that the player if bug
- More than 2 mins etc ... bugged and dont C/C
- Video should be continuous in the 2 mins duration
- MP leeching: 1st time: 50% Mp removed | 2nd time: 0 MP , After, Permanent Banned

Nabad Bless Bug and Sanuta bug ... ...

Sanctions could be: Banned 5, 10, 30 or banned permanent. 
All decisions will come from me. I will not accept any complaints.

  5 Days Banned = no need items for release. Because IMPOSSIBLE RELEASE
10 Days Banned = 1 Pc Item rename char 
30 Days Banned = 2 Pc Items rename char For Release  

If a character was banned permanently:

 BANNED PERMANENT / 0 MP  -> FOR RELEASE & Restore MP = need 50'000 Taney + 1X 

You can Submit an application to the Game Master and a special item will be required to unban your account.
Amnesty will be granted or refused depending on the account's case.

Then you can submit your application (which may be refused)

GOOD GAME (If Not Happy ...  Good game  Play Barbie Good game  )

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